The Box Scores

As of right now, at the start of October, 2004, I’m hitting about 0.07: 4 “sales” from 56 submissions. Since that’s over just 15 months of sending things out, after a 10-year hiatus, I’m pretty pleased with my rookie year. I’m still playing in the minors, by trying to make a good show of it.

The “sales” to date have all been on the web; most recently, Failbetter took my story, “Sunshine over Helsinki”; in May, SoThere took my story (mostly a true one) about a girl and an umbrella; and in April, Eyeshot started it all off with my Foshay Tower adventure, “After Ice Cream.”

The fourth was accepted in June, but has not yet appeared so I’m loathe to disclose its future home for fear of jinxing things. The literary world, especially the on-line neighborhood, is too fraught with danger and contingency to go whistling into the sunshine. We’ll put an asterix beside the 0.07 statistic until number four (which was number three) comes to pass.

Of the little birds that have flown home (some so many times that I’m thinking of entering them in a carrier pigeon competition), I’m proud to have been rejected out of hand by a lot of the big names–Ploughshares, Glimmer Train, Pindeldyboz–as well as some great little markets. I think this only reflects well on their taste.

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