[[Dipping into the past with this one–over a year ago, when I started my original site, this was one of the first pictures I posted. The boys continue to be fascinated with drinking fountains (“waterfalls” in their lingo); these were at IKEA, soon after the Bloomington, MN, store opened (oh those wonderful meatballs, and the scarily assimilative power of Scandinavian design furniture).]]

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  1. Halden December 16, 2005

    The framing of the face by water is spectacular.

  2. Caryn March 31, 2006

    Great entry for metallic! I love the framing, and I find the child’s reaction amusing. I also enjoyed your amusing commentary.

  3. tammy hanna September 1, 2006

    Great shot! Lovely synchronicity.

  4. Lara September 7, 2006

    Not only a wonderful composition, but a great tonal range, and (at least if this is film) a nice medium choice for the topic too. Honestly, I think the image stands on its own without the narrative. It is interesting to get the context of the imagemakers thoughts, but I think it may detract or distract from the strength of the image for me as a viewer.

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