Some Pictures I’ve Liked volume 4

Another big list–9 pictures you should see:

  • Through dot, from Weirdaily; orange on blue is my favorite color combination.
  • There’s still nothing on, from Chromasia; isn’t that the truth?
  • Still life with a View Camera, from Hello; there’s photography, and then there’s view camera photography, like there are stories and then there’s “War & Peace”.
  • Tower black and white, from Squid Action; my favorite Minneapolis landmark, of which I’ll have a new series of pictures next week.
  • Boys Flying by Nancy Rexroth; I discovered her Diana work through a discussion on Flickr–I love the way she turned a crappy plastic camera into a time machine.
  • let’s dance, from Marc at; the blur, the swirl, the movement–c’est magnifique!
  • 222, from Edmund Leveckis; beautiful ghosts.
  • Atlantic Avenue ~ 6:15pm, from Express Train; what angst and indecision!
  • seat, from Digital Peace; the shadows, the texture, the lighting…
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