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We don’t see much of each other in the winter here; like bears and woodchucks, we snuggle down in our burrows and emerge in the spring, blinking and staggering, surprised to notice that we have neighbors (and that our neighbors are as pasty pale as we are, and have put on some fleshy pounds as well during the dark months).

Except when there’s a good snow storm.

If the Star Tribune article about the melting of Minnesota is true, losing winter would be quite a loss indeed. Snow storms create a sort of camaraderie that’s special to these northern parts; when we grumble about traffic in the summer, it just sounds like whining, but in the winter we all want to hear and tell our bold tales of intrepid commuting. And if everyone is late for work, then no one is late for work. People are a little more courteous on the roads and ready to pitch in to roll cars out of ditches and jump start old batteries. Snow is the great leveler; we’re all in it together.

Losing the snow would let Minnesotans drift deep into their burrows and fall into the sleepy smugness that would be our lot without the shared adventure of a blizzard.

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  1. Michelle March 14, 2006

    thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog

    all the best

  2. […] : I was on my Michael Kenna kick at the end of the winter, and had some good luck with the Lubitel in the snow. […]

  3. mooch November 15, 2006

    This is very majestic. It is as though the landscape has had a light dusting of icing sugar. Very delicate detailing.

  4. […] This is the same tree featured in Lace, one of my favorite pictures from the end of last winter; we finally got measurable snow, though it will be touch and go if it has the fortitude to stay until Christmas Day — it’s been a weirdly warm and dry winter for these parts. […]

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