Some Pictures I’ve Liked volume 16

A large list this time–I feel bad about the truncated lists of the last couple weeks.

  • Umbrella on Moorgate from Ancient Imagery of the Future; I love the corona of light around the photographer’s shadow.
  • The Light from; a found film strip from Ms. 45, which sounds like a disturbing little movie.
  • Woods Revisited from Dimitri Chrysanthopoulos Photography; the light through the trees is great, but also note the deep color of the sky.
  • 142 from echo; a flower from a dream.
  • so much for the afterglow from Eletrolite; charmingly goofy.
  • F Train ~ Jay St. ~ 9:05 am from Express Train; a collection of newspaper readers.
  • This is X from Hello; this makes the metal tower seem almost delicate.
  • Warm from Making Happy; a pairing that evokes tattered comfort.
  • Between Showers from Moodaholic; another great umbrella.
  • Pinces à linge attendant le retour des beaux jours… from mHmPictures; it’s a little bit of a cliche, I suppose, but I’ve always liked shallow DOF shots of clothespins, and this one’s especially moody.
  • Kedon kukat from luotokuva; I think you have to go through winters like they have in Finland (or Minnesota) to really appreciate flowers like this.
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