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  1. therese April 4, 2006

    I like the atmosphere in this picture. There’s something about dressing dummies.

  2. Michael Hartford April 5, 2006

    Thanks, therese! If anyone knows atmosphere it’s you, of course…

  3. tore April 8, 2006

    The photo looks old somehow. I think it’s both the antique-y subject and the way you’ve taken it through glass (is that right?). I like it a lot.

  4. Michael Hartford April 9, 2006

    Thanks, tore! Yes, it was shot through glass–I stood in the dark and shadowy doorway trying to get the right focus (the Yashica’s good in low light, but not THAT good…); for me it was the light that I wanted to capture, that sort of glow on the dummy.

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