Ms. Buckley and Sassy Lu

Ms. Buckley at Sassy Lu - click to enlargeI’ve been remiss in giving a plug again for Sassy Lu, the best little hair salon in Minneapolis.

Here’s Ms. Sarah Buckley, proprietress of said salon, in front of her impressive Wall of Product. I went for my first visit to the new place a couple weeks ago, to get a touch up on the new hairstyle (Kelly no longer likes Patrick Dempsey–she thought the Barbara Walters profile was a little weird–but she’s still supportive of the hair). Sassy Lu was everything I had hoped it would be and more; a very classy little joint.

Of course, you shouldn’t believe me–I had the same haircut since I was seven (except for a brief period in 1989 when I had hair reminiscent of Leon Trotsky, but that was because (a) I had no money for a haircut while I was going to school in London, and (b) I was in fact a Trotskyite, or at least hung out with Trots). So don’t take my word for it; trust Girl Friday instead, who actually knows about this type of thing, and dubs Sarah “both a wizard and a genius”. If that’s not reason enough to schedule an appointment (and if the fetching photograph doesn’t do it), I don’t know what is.

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