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Four years ago today, my mother passed away after a brief but intense battle with leukemia. And of course, hardly a day goes by that I don’t think about her and miss her. She would have been very pleased to see Jack and Peter grow up–they were less than a year old when she died–and would probably have had some useful advice for their parents. Or at least a knowing wink at their more annoying tendencies–I was called “Motor Mouth” at their age, and I’m sure their 1001 questions a minute is a sort of karmic revenge.

This picture was, I suspect, taken with my father’s Spotmatic, which I’m using to some effect these days; the colors and bokeh are characteristic of the kit lens, and other clues–the hairstyle, the L.L. Bean 60-40 parka (why don’t they make this anymore?)–date it to some time around 1973.

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