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A Minneapolis photoblog without a picture of the Spoonbridge at the Walker Art Center’s sculpture garden? For shame!

I used to visit the sculpture garden occasionally when I lived in Nordeast; it was a nice summer bike ride. But then I moved to the south side, bought a house, got married, and had kids.

The day before Easter I had an unencumbered few hours while Kelly was studying and the boys were at Auntie Kathleen’s house, so I took the train downtown and hiked through Loring Park. I hadn’t been to the Walker for five years or so, and I felt like a tourist. Well, not quite as much of a tourist as the people who were posing for pictures in front of the Spoonbridge, trying to make it look like they were taking a bite out of the cherry or holding it in their fingers. Such fun. I may have some shots of the shenanigans taken with the Spotmatic; we’ll see how they come out.

This was taken with the Nomad–it’s what the cherry might have looked like if it had been built in 1951 instead of 1991.

This print available at Etsy.

spoonbridge at Etsy

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  3. kermit johnson August 19, 2007

    I wish I had some photos like yours to dress up my blog.

    I did take the liberty of linking to your photo post from my blog at I hope that was ok.

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