Some Pictures I’ve Liked volume 19

The tagging facility of the new has made my browsing of great sites much easier. I’ve divided all of my bookmarks up by day of the week to simplify this “Pictures I’ve Liked” project. Which has the unintended consequence, I think, of larger lists. Not necessarily a bad thing–eleven this week.

  • Aamufiilistelyä from luotokuva; I love the fresh, clean feel of this one.
  • rain on glass from daily dose of imagery; a really interesting picture, and a wonderful story behind it.
  • Easter Violater from graciform; I’ve been drawn for some reason to black-and-white flower studies lately.
  • child spirit from Inspiration; I love the tone and the delicacy.
  • 137 from Alain Astruc; another apparent movie still from Msr. Astruc, this one from a moody French love story starring Irène Jacob.
  • Tintype Millennium Bridge from NYC London; a tintype; a tintype!
  • Parisian life details from; what’s not to love about a pile of books?
  • Petals from Randomentality; wonderful shadow, wonderful petals.
  • Petal Tops from Always Curious; no one does flowers like Mr. O’Shields.
  • The Glow from straymatter; I’ve been watching Dead Like Me, in which the reapers meet in a Waffle Haus not unlike this Waffle House; and who can resist the Nighthawks glow?
  • Tulip Festival ’06 from; a sea of red tulips.
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  1. odY April 23, 2006

    Wow!! Thank you so much!!


  2. Michael Hartford April 24, 2006

    As always, Ody, thank you for sharing!

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