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No, it’s not actually a human sacrifice to Mammon in the form of the Wells Fargo Center; this is a statue that graces the entrance to the Fifth Street Towers at 2nd Avenue and … um… Fifth Street in downtown Minneapolis.

World Pinhole Day is today, Sunday, April 30. I’ve taken a screwdriver to one of my Hawkeyes–it doesn’t really need a lens anyway–and I encourage everyone else out there to similarly mangle a camera for Sunday’s festivities. Show the world that all you need to take pictures is a box with a hole in it!

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  1. Jens April 30, 2006

    I like the atmosopheare here….somehow a contradiction to the backround but for me there is silence….

  2. Michael Hartford April 30, 2006

    Thanks, Jens! There is a timeless stillness to this statue; and on a Saturday morning, even downtown is silent.

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