blue light

blue light - click to enlarge

Updated 7/14/2006: Over the last couple days, I’ve received a few hits on this picture coming from the Google image search. We’re not talking millions of hits–this is a pretty low-traffic site, after all–but it’s significant, and it’s from all over, though Spain and Great Britain are over-represented. But the Google image search referer URL doesn’t include the query that brought you this picture–it just includes the URL from which the image was cached.

So–what brings you to the “Blue Light” picture? How did this image end up in your Google search results? Any response will be greatly appreciated–I’m curious…

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  1. Peter Rivendell August 8, 2006

    I publish my writing on a blog and use mostly blue photographs to illustrate my poems and break up the text – putting \’blue\’ in Google images brought me to this beautiful photo … but I\’m not planning to use it!

  2. Sarah G September 13, 2006

    I’m doing a project in my printmaking class, “beauty in ugliness,” and I was looking for inspiration partly. Also I was looking for faces lit in the kind of blue light you get from electronics, like someone looking at a TV. I’ve also been useing children in my work alot recently. Don’t worry, I am quite against plagerism. I really apreciate your acknowledging the existance of us google searchers. Thank you for sharing your blue light

  3. Michael Hartford September 13, 2006

    Thanks for the notes, guys! I’m not especially worried about plagiarism–so far as I know, no one (least of all me…) has tried to get rich off any of my pictures. And I’m not against sharing, either–if anyone’s interested in using any of my images, I’d be flattered by the attribution.

    Thanks for visiting, and please drop by again, no matter how you happen to arrive here!

  4. Pat V September 14, 2006

    I was looking for pictures of light, to use to teach the word “light” to non-English speaking people. There aren’t too many pictures that illustrate the concept of light.

  5. laurie September 15, 2006

    i found you thru photo friday. gorgeous photo.

  6. Michael Hartford September 15, 2006

    Thanks, laurie! I enjoyed reading your blog; I’ll visit regularly. Thanks, too, for the link in your blog to “Mose”, which I’ve added to my Google page for daily doses of laughter.

    Thanks, Pat V! This display at the Children’s Museum is designed for illustrating the concept of light to non-English speaking people of the three-foot-tall variety. If it can be of use to you in your endeavors, by all means take it!

  7. ulla runchel October 7, 2006

    Dear Michael

    I am a danish writer, and i was seeking infra blue light, to explain how we can be cured in the future, by the blue-light. As I have write within some articles-books.etc.

    And yours is FANTASTIC, thank you for sharing. It is the best, for me.

    In love and light

  8. Alex Attaergo Christian October 26, 2006

    Hey Michael!
    I’m part of the endless strings of photographic art passionate, and I would have some questions for you, rather than comments, even though so far I’ve seen some very, very beautiful shots, which are, no doubt, the direct result of your creativity and imagination (not to mention the level of commitment and passion, you definitely have.)
    No…. I’m not gay… and, in any case not a first class “ass-licker” (as Romanians, like me, call the ones who need instant cultural protection…)
    I, myself, own a FED3 (an original, as I desperately searched the web for methods of recognition), so I’ve taken some shots with it, and I am considering very seriously in getting involved with this old domain of arts: Photographic Art.

    Can we share some of our work via mail, and maybe some straight professional opinions regarding to what we do? [here it is a brief description of my methods: I do not use any effects, not even a small-time editor for my photos, and so, the essence of my work lies in the light, the method I use the light, framing, focusing and sometime zooming]

    A bit bothered by a slight high “blueness”. Base photo might be black and white, and then the edited photo would go like this: Sharpness or Contrast adjusted, Oil or Water Color, Blue and Mauve haze controlled with color percentages, with some creamy Blur on top and if all these assumptions are not even by far the ones used, then the editor is newer than the one I stopped using 2 years ago…

    Thank You!

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