Some Pictures I’ve Liked volume 23

A special Thursday edition, since last week’s was hijacked by Chicago. Here are 11 I liked from before our trip:

  • Easy Rider from blog88:88; so cool, so no-nonsense.
  • Le Temps Qui Passe, Mer du Nord from SAKANA BLOG; contemplative and still.
  • ja nie gram, ja nie przegram from suseu; there’s something so quiet about playgrounds in the snow.
  • Jardin du Luxembourg from shutter~log; also very still.
  • 149 from therese; I love the tones and textures of these shells.
  • Cat Tails from Delineated; I like cat tails, what can I say?
  • Blumenmeer from aktuelle kamera; a sea of purple, wonderful DOF.
  • there! from digitalpeace; for some reason, this puts me in mind of the Hardy Boys and Tarzan novels of my youth. And the texture is fabulous!
  • breakfast checkers from HELLO; little squares are always great, but note the blurred reflection of same in the chair back that really makes this picture neat.
  • Supergirl with Ox-Eye Daisies from A Walk Through Durham Township; such a warm and hopeful picture.
  • Heavy from 84.NET; a very still picture that seems to hold the promise of movement.

Watch for another list on Sunday!

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