Shumway Dawn

Shumway Dawn - click to enlarge

One of the things I like about camping is slipping away from the campsite long before everyone else is up with a camera and a tripod and, at least when at Savannah Portage State Park, lots and lots of bug spray. This was taken at Lake Shumway, at Savannah Portage State Park, around 5AM.

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  1. faustina July 31, 2006

    beautiful shot. It would be great to slip away like that and just shoot early with no one around. i love the reflection you got, it’s almost brighter than the sky.

  2. Michael Hartford August 1, 2006

    Thanks! It’s nice to slip away at dawn–I’m a morning person by nature, and it’s just so quiet at sunrise.

  3. jessica August 29, 2007

    makes me want to go camping!!

  4. n.b. December 14, 2007

    Just lovely: I can feel that cold moist morning air!

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