Flower Study #2

Flower Study #2  - click to enlarge

I “cheated” and used my wife’s Maxxum for these pictures, with the built-in metering, because I didn’t want to do advanced math with some red filters, Acros film, and the Spotmatic.

Tomorrow we’re off for a week in the Maine woods with Granddad, at which point this site will be on auto-pilot, running some Maine scenes from last year’s trip. I’m not sure what this year’s trip holds in store–on my “to do” list are Old Orchard Beach, the Gray Wildlife Park, and, of course, my annual lobster.

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  1. Jeff August 25, 2006

    Don’t forget to get to Wisscasset to eat a lobster at Reds Eats. Probably the best there is for real informal eating.. (Outside on picnic tables). Also if you can get time to get down any of the fingers reaching out into the Atlantic. Go down the one that reaches down to Popham. There is a place called Spinney’s at Popham beach and looks out on the Atlantic through all the windows. There is also an old fort there. Very cool…
    Jeff Foliage

  2. Michael Hartford August 25, 2006

    Thanks for the tips! We missed Popham Beach this year–we went last year, and it was a longstanding spot when I was a kid (my father has pictures of me at age 6 storming the fort with my coonskin cap and a plastic flintlock–good thing I never planned on a political career…), but this year we hit O.O.B. instead. And I also missed my favorite fine-dining lobster joint, Cook’s on Bailey Island, and had to eat my two lobsters in my grandparents’ garage in Lewiston–but when it comes to lobster, I’m not particularly concerned about the view, just the red bugs and ample napkins.

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