Some Pictures I’ve Liked volume 37

Here in the North Country, Autumn “is i-cumen in” (or would be if one were speaking Middle English): the air is a little crisper in the morning, and night sets in a little earlier, and school starts up next week. For me, at least, Autumn has always had a mix of melancholy and anticipation: summer is having its last golden hurrah, the leaves are dying and the geese are leaving, but there are fresh notebooks to open and everyone’s wearing their new school clothes.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve been drawn this week to several pictures that have that sort of melancholy end-of-summer feel to them; many of the 16 pictures presented for your enjoyment capture that fleeting golden glow as the season makes its final bow.

  • central park on a very hot day from twinlens; perfectly captures that hazy-hot feeling of a summer day that never seems to end.
  • ‘Brella from Wood | Stone; I love the stillness of the monochrome blue reflection.
  • snapshot out the back of car window from A.D.H.D.; the sharp vertical lines play wonderfully against the blurry house.
  • Köhniön uimaranta from luotokuva; a wonderful northern beach scene, with the still and stately reflections.
  • Les goélands du pont Marie from Paris Cool; this might be a still from a Kieslowski film; marvelously evocative.
  • Suddenly, Like Flames from Broken Heartbeats; the shallow DOF and golden haze make me think of a late summer afternoon.
  • * Chat * macro * Mao from Kéa; “Notre pauvre chat” … “our poor cat” … a melancholy picture for a melancholy occasion; so blue, so brown…
  • Backyard garden in Santa Barbara from the_gataad_photos; another sunflower (I do like them a lot); this one makes me think of an illustration in a botany textbook.
  • almost gone from LEVITATION; even without the audio (which is a great touch on this site, by the way; click the “play” button, it’s worth it), you can hear to foghorn.
  • World in Blue and Green from Hungaro; dreamy.
  • untitled from Mareen Fischinger; it would seem to be a pretty prosaic picture, until you notice the seven-foot-tall rabbit (“…endlich ein Bild von meinem Freund Harvey 😉 “).
  • Like Soldiers from cpl; wonderful lines and tones, with the softness of the sand behind the stacked chairs.
  • Umbrella On The Shore from these fleeting moments; a wonderful end-of-the-season shot.
  • Braids from HELLO; this one also has that melancholy fairwell-to-summer feel, at least to me.
  • silent reflection from life is too short; a wonderful reflection, and a great combination of cool and warm colors.
  • dream from Big Happy Funhouse; a final fair-thee-well wave to the season that was.
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