Double Dog Deal

Double Dog Deal - click to enlarge

[[Hot dog culture is an interesting thing. In Chicago, of course, the dog of choice is a Vienna Beef (or a Polish) topped with pickles, peppers, tomatoes, relish, mustard, and celery salt, served in a poppyseed bun. In New England, the preferred dog is a “red hot” (so called for the color, which is fire-engine red, rather than the spice, which is pretty mild) in a classic square bun. I’m partial to the Chicago style myself, and also like a good bratwurst topped with ‘kraut and spicy mustard. But I do love those square buns: they grill so nicely, and hold the butter well. (Though I like mine stuffed with lobster salad rather than red hots).

Here Peter poses in front of a poster showing exactly how to present the perfect Chicago dog–more condiments than sausage!]]

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  1. Roger September 8, 2006

    This is a fantastic shot. Great expression.

  2. Michael Hartford September 18, 2006

    Thanks, Roger! The boy was a little annoyed to have to pose for yet another picture; at least he wasn’t sticking out his tongue like the other one does.

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