Some Pictures I’ve Liked volume 39

A two-fer of lists this week, so I can get back on schedule: 16 beauties for your consideration …

  • Pause… from Jean-Michel Berts; wonderful tone.
  • Thirteen Steps from moodaholic; this has such a crisp, fresh feeling.
  • holga Julien mer plage from Kéa; another wonderful summer memory, and a classic Holga shot.
  • misty dawn from Absolutely Nothing; steps receding into the fog…
  • Zitroneneis ist meine Welt from Peacemans Pixels; if lemon ice cream really is his world, it must be a marvelous world; that’s quite a look of satisfaction…
  • hms acadia hms scott from LEVITATION; I love the way the bright colors of the flag and hull contrast with the dull grays of the water.
  • Avon Hill Street from Photosensitive; the sort of thing you glance out of the corner of your eye but somehow remember for days.
  • Path Through The Corn from these fleeting moments; wonderful sky.
  • Reconsidered from Big Happy Funhouse; motion captured.
  • 911 (5Y) from cpl; great composition.
  • Urbane Decay from gotreadgo; this looks like a movie still from some film about quiet desperation.
  • ikea lamp from .mused; great texture and color (and I dig Ikea, I just can’t help it…)
  • range of sharpness from pinholemedia; a clever illustration of DOF, using a definition of DOF…
  • untitled from fijaciones; the clouds go on forever.
  • Autumn Story – The Liquid-Rust Ship from 3 a.m. from Kyoto; another from this site that could be an illustration for some odd and dark fantasy in the style of Kelly Link or Roald Dahl.
  • Brooklyn Platfrom ~ Broadway-Lafayette ~ 6:40pm from Express Train; a little of everything in this picture and then some; the expression on the bearded gent is priceless!
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