From a Farther Room: Photography Year in Review

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since I switched over from a custom-built Java framework for my site to the frolicsome fun of WordPress. It was, I think, a good move, which let me use some great tools and plug-ins to easily enhance this place–as I’ve learned in my day job, relying on people who are smarter and nicer than me to share their clever solutions is good practice.

It’s also been a year of honing my photography; I haven’t added many cameras to the arsenel (the Sawyer Nomad is really the only addition), but I’ve had fun exploring the limitations and special quirks of the odd collection of film boxes I own. Below are a few pictures I’ve posted over the last twelve months that I’m especially proud of:

lace: I was on my Michael Kenna kick at the end of the winter, and had some good luck with the Lubitel in the snow.

Pumpkin Wagon: another Lubitel shot that I think brings out the roundness of the pumpkins.

: I had some good luck with color film in the snow as well.

Flower Study #1: some close-up filters, some Acros film, and some flowers made for a fun lunchtime outing.

a single breath: tripod, bug spray, long exposure…

Hera, Athena, Aphrodite: I don’t do a lot of shots of strangers, but these young ladies at a Minnesota History Center concert were great subjects.

waist deep: a day at the beach with the Holga; a good thing about “toy” cameras is that it’s hard to be worried about getting them wet.

The Secret River: my favorite spot in New England, with my favorite landscape camera.

at the giraffe pen #2: the Hawkeye with the lens reversed takes such dreamy shots.

I hope the next year brings some fun moments caught on film; I’m nowhere near mastering this odd art/science, but I’m having a blast dabbling in it while being inspired daily by the wonderful photoblogs I visit.

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  1. VItaly November 1, 2006

    Wonderful retrospective for the year, thank you for sharing! I look forward to your new explorations and adventures in the year to come.

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