fogtown #3

Fogtown #3 - click to enlarge

The Sentinel Building, Kearny and Columbus. (Zoetrope All-Story and American Zoetrope live here.)

Unrelated update: I don’t usually mention my publications until the paper is actually in my hands (or the pixels are on my monitor), but I’m pretty tickled about this one: Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #20 will include my story “The Oologist’s Cabinet”, an odd little tale of obsession and furniture and eggshells. LCRW is a “zine”, but it’s not just any “zine”–it’s Kelly Link and Gavin Grant’s ‘zine, a weirdly wonderful place for uncategorizable stuff. Place your order or pay a visit in June to one of the shops that has the good judgment to carry it (in Minneapolis, that means Dreamhaven); even if you’re disappointed with my story, you won’t be disappointed with the rest.

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  1. noah July 1, 2007

    thats cool, love the textures. like Photo Friday? try PHOTO SUNDAY at:

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