‘T was such a little, little boat

'T was such a little, little boat - click to enlarge

Centennial Lake Park in Edina.

This is actually rather an old picture–summer of 2004–and I’m including it not because I’m short on pictures, but because I’ve decided that (a) it fits with a certain project that I’ve had going for a few weeks now, and (b) I might as well announce that project here.

I recently became interested in “Google gadgets”–it’s partly a professional interest, since gadgets are a little like portlets, which I work with for my pay; and partly just geekiness. I wanted an excuse to write a gadget, and the excuse I came up with was . . . DailyDickinson.com!

Every day, DailyDickinson.com posts an Emily Dickinson poem, accompanied by a picture by yours truly. That poem can be accessed by going to DailyDickinson.com, or subscribing to the RSS feed, or . . . adding the gadget below to your iGoogle page! (You can actually add it to pretty much any web page; go to the gadget page to see the little snippet of HTML that enables the gadget).

Geeky? You bet. Kinda fun? To a geek, maybe.

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  1. Lavender June 29, 2007

    Lovely photo, B&W really adds to the sentimental feeling, very nice. The widgets sound cool, will have to check out DailyDickinson.com too! Thanks for visiting the birds & the beads, Cheers!

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