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Aboard the Steamboat Minnehaha.

Minnesota, as the old joke goes, is the place with nine months of winter and three months of bad sledding. To compensate for those three sledless months, we pack our summers with tons of activities: outdoor concerts, art fairs, fireworks, barbecues… Anything to keep our minds off the snowmen we’re not building.

One of my favorite summer traditions is the Nine Nights of Music concert series at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul: every Tuesday night for nine weeks, the plaza comes alive with great local bands playing everything from rocakbilly to Swedish dance music. It kicked off last night (alas, indoors due to the threat of rain) with the music of Charanga Tropical, a Cuban band that treated us to mambo and cha cha and salsa; the boys and I were there with my FED3 (and a “new” camera that I’m working a test roll through; it’s an odd one, we’ll see how it goes…).

There’s a Flickr group dedicated to the goings-on during this series; not a lot of activity in it (save for 16 pictures I’ve taken over the last couple years). If there are any photographers in the Twin Cities area (or passing through on a Tuesday evening), I encourage you to come on down and snap away–dancers and musicians make great subjects!

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