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I’m on autopilot for the next 3 days, while we make our summer trip to Maine. We’ll be swimming in our favorite streams, steaming up Mount Washington, and dipping our toes in the Atlantic Ocean.

And so I’ll be featuring pictures from the other coast for the week–this one from the line to get into the opening session of JavaOne.

I feel almost bad about posting this one, of a fellow geek in a compromising position. And it was entirely unintentional–I liked the way his profile and his newspaper framed the big multimedia monitors in the lounge area, and it was just bad luck that his finger ended up where it did. And don’t think I didn’t try with the magic of PhotoShop to move that finger a bit. I’m just not as good with PhotoShop as I am with XML.

And really, it’s a pretty good picture (if one sets aside the unfortunate finger): I like the tone, the shallow DOF, the blurs in the distance. If only he hadn’t felt that itch just then . . .

(I trust that true Java geeks don’t actually venture into this part of the Internet, where old cameras and odd stories abound, and he’ll never actually be identified . . .)

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