Tree Fort: Measure Twice

Tree Fort: Measure Twice - click to enlarge

Peter helps Granddad mark a board for cutting during the tree fort construction project. I have to admit that I never liked working on Granddad’s building projects when he was just a Dad; I was always given onerous jobs like holding boards for cutting and lugging hardware around, when what I really wanted to do on Sunday morning was read a book. Jack and Peter, though, absolutely love that kind of thing, and I had a pretty good time with it, too. The carpentry gene seems to have skipped a generation.

If you’re casting about for something to do on Sunday, August 19th, have I got the event for you: my friend Arthur Ruckle has organized a benefit concert for Cate Cooper, who is in Arizona to have a pontine vascular malformation repaired. It will be held at Merlin’s Rest, the best pub on Lake Street, starting at 4 PM. For more details, download this PDF version of the Friends of Cate’s Brain flyer. And heck, while you’re at it, post it around your favorite coffee shops and tattoo parlors to help bring in a few more fans of music and brains.

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  1. PJ McClanahan August 13, 2007

    I love this shot. Grandad is a serious carpenter–are those ruler braces he’s wearing?

  2. Michael Hartford August 13, 2007

    Thanks! Yes, Graddad is hardcore: ruler braces, leather tool holster, amber eye gear, and a 40-year-old boonie cap. The project involved three trips to the lumber yard, two boxes of deck screws, and a whole lot of measuring and cutting. This tree fort will be a favorite destination for Jack and Peter’s great-grandchildren well in the next century…

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