a perfect excellent lovely sunflower existence

a perfect excellent lovely sunflower existence - click to enlarge

A perfect beauty of a sunflower! a perfect excellent lovely sunflower existence! a sweet natural eye to the new hip moon, woke up alive and excited grasping in the sunset shadow sunrise golden monthly breeze!

Sunflower Sutra by Allen Ginsberg

Whew . . . there’s been a lot of black and white here over the last month–46 in a row. And while I’m pleased with many of the photographs, I realize that may be a lot of monochrome for my little audience to take. So here’s a quick set of palate-cleansing color: some Dowling Community Garden pictures from earlier this summer, taken on slide film with the Minolta on aperture priority (I’m lazy with slide film; it’s less forgiving than negative film, and I don’t always trust my “sunny 16″/”f8 and be there” instincts).

If you’re casting about for something to do on this Sunday, August 19, have I got the event for you: my friend Arthur Ruckle has organized a benefit concert for Cate Cooper, who is in Arizona to have a pontine vascular malformation repaired. It will be held at Merlin’s Rest, the best pub on Lake Street, starting at 4 PM. For more details, download this PDF version of the Friends of Cate’s Brain flyer. And heck, while you’re at it, post it around your favorite coffee shops and tattoo parlors to help bring in a few more fans of music and brains.

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