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When we went to Fort Snelling on Father’s Day, we were met by World War II Jeeps and tanks instead of the early 19th century muskets and cannon the boys expected. They were a little disappointed, but I think they enjoyed a lesson in their great-granddad’s era (he served with Patton’s armored infantry, and helped burn down the first city I lived in when we moved to Germany). We learned a little about a scout tank from this gentleman, and asked lots of nerdy questions about the size of the crew, the top speed of the vehicle, and how the camouflage netting works.

Sad news today about Thomas Disch, one of the leading voices of the New Wave in science fiction who helped bring speculative stories out of the spaceship-and-laser-gun ghetto. According to most reports, he was a mean-spirited, kind-hearted, stingy, and generous man, much like the rest of us. Here’s a little sample of his early work, which draws a bit on his Minnesota roots.

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