Guardians and clouds

Guardians and clouds - click to enlarge

Interrupting the Grand Marais series with a shot of the Washburn Water Tower, Minneapolis.

My Flickr associate Ted Sherarts bestowed upon me a bag of Acufine–his university is closing down its black and white lab–so of course I had to start at the Washburn Water Tower for my test roll of Ilford Delta 100. I’m pleased so far with the Acufine–made by the folks who also make Diafine, my workhorse developer for 35mm and 120; the negatives were dense, the developing process was easy, and though I haven’t tried any low-light pictures yet (I’ve got a roll of HP5+ awaiting this test, to see if the Acufine reduces the graininess a bit without losing the push) I could see some evidence of the latitude Acufine gives to a film’s ISO. But enough geek talk; it’s really all about how the pictures turn out, not how they get processed.

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