Camp Tomahawk Snow Base: Snow Huskies Crew

Camp Tomahawk Snow Base: Snow Huskies Crew - click to enlarge

At the end of January I went to Snow Base at Camp Tomahawk with six Scouts from Troop 1 (five Falcons, one K-9), our advancement chair/Scout mom, and my new Pentax K-30 (I decided to give a digital camera a try, and went with the K-30 because it works with my collection of old K-mount Pentax ME lenses).
Snow Base has several programs: Snow Huskies to introduce you to winter camping, Spearhead for sleeping out in a snow cave, Expedition for the hardcore winter campers, and Dogsledding for the mushers. Our crew, all Tenderfoot and Second Class Scouts, did Snow Huskies: we spent about 12 hours outside, built a kitchen and simple shelter, ate two meals on the trail, and tried snowshoes and cross-country skis, but slept inside instead of in a shelter. (Given the noise that three troops of young Boy Scouts can make, I’d have preferred sleeping outside).

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