Brownie Hawkeye

There are so many things to hate about the Brownie: no focus or aperture control, a bulb mode with no tripod mount, a takeup that accepts only the rare 620 spindle, a general blurriness to everything that comes out of it. But somehow I love it all the same. I’m thinking of using this camera in a project inspired by Julia Margaret Cameron’s Tennyson photographs.

Inspired by the lovely work of the Flickr Box Camera Revolution group, particularly e50e, I reversed the lens on one of my Brownies and now get dreamily blurry shots that seem to work best in vibrant color. Oh, if only color processing for 120 film weren’t so pricey.

The other Brownie (which I bought to get another 620 spindle and some flashbulbs) I’ve kept straight, but I still goof around with it. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of double-exposures, sometimes using a strip of electrical over half the lens for diptych-ish shots.

See this gallery of Lakewood Cemetery pictures for an example of the dream-like effects from the Hawkeye. My ongoing love affair with the Brownie is documented here.

Some Brownie Hawkeye Resources

Brownie Hawkeye - click for more pictures

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