Publications – 2004

Sunshine Over Helsinki, Failbetter, October 2004. Listed as a Notable Story of 2004 by storySouth’s 2004 Million Writers project.

No one in Helsinki saw his weather reports. They didn’t
need his two-minute segment, twice a day, nestled between the football
scores and children’s cartoon based on the Finnish epic “Kalvala”; they
could just look out their windows, stand on their stoops, and know to
wear a coat today. The reports were for Finnish expatriates, nostalgic
for Baltic winds and icy sidewalks, or for a handful of students
learning the words “lumi” for “snow” and “pilvi” for “clouds.”

To the girl who shared my umbrella on October 14, 1989, So There, May 2004

I’m sure you don’t remember the incident at all; it
lasted less than a minute, that rainy October morning in London fifteen
years ago, barely a wrinkle in the ribbon of your life. By noon, when
the sun had returned, it was already a distant memory, crowded out by
the boutiques and perfumeries you visited. By suppertime, it may not
even have been a clever anecdote worth repeating to your sister or

After Ice Cream,, April 2004

They had decided to jump with an air of sudden
jocularity. All week they had commiserated over the hundred little
tragedies that stained their lives: He complained that the Peterson
account went to Bixby because Bixby had married a partner’s ugly
daughter; she countered that the price of nylons at Schuneman’s had
gone beyond the reach of her secretary salary; he told her that he
suspected his wife was fooling around with the milkman; she had caught
her fiance in bed with a streetcar conductor named Bud; he had wasted
his youth, and looked forward with dread to the long gray hours of
middle age; she detested her youth and wished she had been born old.

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