Publications – 2006

The Tune Collector
, Going Down Swinging #23, June 2006

The only working light bulb in the old man’s apartment
is in the kitchen, so they sit on low metal chairs with tattered vinyl
seats around a table a little too big for the space. The tune collector
asks the old man if he can unplug the refrigerator humming in the
corner; the old man shrugs. There’s nothing in it anyway but some
butter and a bottle of vodka.

Bank Holiday
, Lily Review, April 2006

This morning I came downtown to meet my agent. He keeps
an office in one of the towers across the street from the bank; through
his window I can see the revolving doors that spin into the spacious
lobby, and the mahogany desk in the sun lit corner office on the tenth
floor. While my agent speaks, I look over his shoulder at the suit
coats and Italian shoes streaming in and out of the portals of commerce.

Then Worms Shall Try: Seven Studies in the Efficacy of Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress”
, Melic Review, Spring 2006

She countered with Edna St. Vincent Millay’s “First
Fig”, then took my hand and led me to a stand of cottonwoods in the
back of Patty’s yard. Her lips tasted faintly of the peach schnapps
Eddy Wright slipped into the punch.

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